On a forgotten world, in an age of renewal and awakening, a civilization struggles to maintain balance between the powers of order and chaos in an ever expanding world. The denizens of Ambardia await you: come and live the adventure.

In an ancient time and place a young farmer discovers his world has a mysterious problem. He sets out on adventure to seek answers. He travels to different lands and faces many perils, which build his character and answer some of his questions but provide many more. He joins the forces of balance and helps with the destruction of imbalance in the world, thus saving many lives and villages.

Title: Ambardia

Description: This is a third-person RPG game set within the world of an ancient fantasy realm. The player takes on the role of a young person who must complete several quests. The game draws upon the mythology of the fantasy world struggling to maintain a balance of order and chaos. The game features skills and activities. It will appeal to fans of adventure games, fantasy role playing and those interested in a dynamic world filled with rich history, lore and development.

Platforms: PC

Genre: Role-playing, Strategy