The Classic Fantasy Adventure Returns!

The Classic Fantasy Adventure Returns!

In an age of renewal and awakening, a civilization struggles to maintain balance between the powers of order and chaos in an ever expanding world. 

Ambardia is returning with a planned Steam release later this year!

Welcome Ambardian!

Ambardia is a third-person MMORPG set in an ancient fantasy realm with evolving complex lore and quest-driven gameplay. Class-free character development allows players to craft their own destiny as they choose a path between Order and Creativity or Chaos and Destruction!

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Ambardia Returns

Ambardia Returns

The original creators of Ambardia have returned, and this time we’re going all the way! Steam release in 2021 with mobile versions to follow.

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Discord Community

Discord Server

Come chat and learn more about the world of Ambardia! Discord members are the first to know about alpha testing opportunties and they get a sneak peek into the latest development updates.

Discord Community

Kickstarter Launch

We'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon! Backers will be invited to our closed alpha test in March! Fundraising will help with Ambardia's ambitious goals of going mobile.


Coming To Steam

Ambardia will be launching on Steam with special events and a double xp weekend upon launch. We're setting up our page now so check back soon in order to add Ambardia to your wishlist!